GA006 Simmo & His Donkey



Private John ?SIMMO? Simpson was an English-born stretcher bearer who served with the 1st. Australian Division during the Gallipoli Campaign in 1915. After landing at ANZAC COVE on 25 April 1915, Simpson began to evacuate wounded from the front line down to the first aid posts near the beach using donkeys to help transport them.
For almost a month, often under shell, mortar and rifle fire ?Simmo & His Donkey? performed this dangerous feat time and time again. Alas, on 19 May, his luck ran out and Simpson was struck by machine gun fire and died. Thereafter ?Simmo & His Donkey? became part of the ?ANZAC LEGEND?.

This K&C model shows ?Simmo? together with one of his donkeys ?Murphy? assisting a wounded corporal down to safety.