SSB-07 Wi’ciska Society Warrior, Sioux



Warrior Societies were an important aspect of the Plains life, which divided a tribe’s fighting men into distinct units which provided their members with a social club, and an organization in which they could progress through ranks of officership to bring great prestige.
Among the Lakota there existed several Warrior societies. The main function of these societies was for the training and development of fighting skills and the warrior ethos. Moral character was also cultivated and taught.

The Wi’ciska, White Marked Society, wore feathered headdresses, trailing to the ground, which flew dramatically behind them when charging . These were also renowned hardened warriors.

Under the leadership of Crazy Horse, the Cheyenne and Lakota Sioux had been skirmishing with the United States forces. Many warriors had charged, and one man who had the best horse was in the lead. This was Chief Comes In Sight. Before he could reach the soldiers, his horse was wounded and its hind leg broken. The Cheyenne retreated leaving Chief Comes In Sight on foot in the battlefield. SAs he was walking away with all the soldiers shooting at him, Buffalo Calf Road Woman rode out onto the battlefield at full speed and grabbed up her brother, carrying him to safety. Her courageous rescue caused the Cheyenne to rally, and they defeated General George Crook and his forces.
In honour of this brave deed, the Cheyenne named the battle, “The Battle Where The Girl Saved Her Brother.”