TF007 Lieut. Colonel ‘H’ Jones


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Lieutenant Colonel Herbert Jones, V.C., O.B.E. (1940-1982) known as ‘H’ Jones, was the commanding officer of 2nd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment and the posthumous recipient of the Victoria Cross, Britain’s highest military award for his leadership and gallantry during the Battle of Goose Green.
This K&C tribute to this brave soldier shows him leading the assault on an enemy machine gun position still wearing his ‘Para’ red beret and firing his Sterling submachine gun from the hip as he advances.
His and ‘2 PARA’s’ achievement at Goose Green set the tone for the subsequent land victory of the British forces in the Falklands campaign.
The British achieved such a moral superiority over the much-larger enemy in this first battle that despite the overall advantages of greater numbers and strong defensive positions the Argentinean troops never threatened the far superior fighting qualities of the British.