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Model Size 11” x 6 ¼” x 6”

Laomedon, the legendary King of Troy, son of Ilus and Eurydice and father of Podarces (later famous as King Priam of Troy) brought about his own destruction and that of the initial city of Troy, by not keeping his word. Laomedon refused to give the gods Apollo and Poseidon a promised reward for building the original walls of Troy. The gods sent a pestilence and a sea monster to ravage the land.
An oracle revealed to Laomedon that the only way to save Troy would be to sacrifice his daughter Hesione. She was bound to a rock to await her death by the sea monster. The Greek hero Heracles who happened to be at Troy, offered to kill the sea monster and rescue Hesione in exchange for Laomedon’s divine horses, which had been a gift from the god Zeus to Tros, Laomedon’s grandfather.
Once Heracles had killed the monster and saved Hesione, Laomedon refused to give up the horses. Heracles left Troy and then returned with a band of warriors, captured the city, and killed Laomedon and all his sons except for Priam and Tithonus.

It was Priam who set about rebuilding the walls of Troy. Priam became a natural leader and had a deep understanding of trade and exchange. The location of Troy at the mouth of the Hellespont, the straits through which all sea traffic too and from the east were obliged by geography to pass. This afforded Troy tremendous opportunities for enrichment. The tolls and tariffs meant the city grew in greatness and wealth.
The towers and Priam’s new palace reached higher than the levels of the walls, and gleamed in the sun to tell the world that Troy, the jewel of the Aegean, was the greatest city in the world, ruled over by a mighty king and prospering under the protection of the gods.

Large towers were usually built into the walls of Troy to defend a major gateway. The South tower was built to guard the Scaean Gate. The Eastern wall was also reinforced by a large tower. This massive bastion at the north east corner of the city was built to defend a well which was the main water supply.

The city walls of Troy will be available over the next 4 months. The total width of all the Troy wall sets together, as seen in the complete picture will be 32” long and approximately 8” depth.

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