VN170 The USMC M35A2 Cargo Truck


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This long-awaited and much-requested model is one of the finest wheeled vehicle K&C has produced yet!
This United States Marine Corps M35A2 is typical of the Troop Carrying / Cargo Carriers employed all over South Vietnam during the war. Being a USMC vehicle it would have been stationed in ‘I Corps’ which comprised the northernmost region of South Vietnam bordering Communist North Vietnam at the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) which divided the two countries.
This K&C model has, of course, rolling wheels and comes with a detachable ‘canvas’ cover (actually resin) for the driver’s compartment. The Marine Corps driver is also included with the vehicle and is dressed in his everyday ‘utilities’ and wearing his ‘flak jacket’. Next to him, on the seat, is his camouflaged steel helmet and M16.
In the rear of the vehicle the wooden seats are lowered to allow sitting ‘Grunts’ to be placed in or, if the collector wishes, some military supplies.
Now, an ‘empty’ truck can look OK but when you add a few Marines onboard it really comes alive!