VN181-KC “What Me Worry?”


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The basis for this final pair of ‘Vietnam’ figures was another black and white image taken by the great British photographer, Don McCullin (now Sir Don McCullin) during the TET battles of 1968 in the old Imperial City of Hue.
Don McCullin was ‘embedded’ with one of the USMC units fighting to recapture the NVA / VC controlled city and caught many of the most iconic photos of that terrible battle.
In this one a ‘Grunt’ brings in a captured, wounded enemy soldier. The young Vietnamese is blindfolded and has his hands firmly tied behind him as he is pushed forward. Over the Marine’s shoulder are his own M16 as well as the prisoner’s AK47.
On the back of the Marine’s flak vest is the iconic image of American Youth culture of the 1960’s… Alfred E. Newman the hero of MAD magazine alongwith his personal motto of… ‘What Me Worry’.