IDF039 ‘Golani Brigade’ Sniper Team



As can be seen here, this Orthodox Jewish soldier wears both a beard and a Jewish ‘scullcap’ called a ‘kippah’ or a ‘yarmulke’ as a recognition of his faith.
He’s also holding his M-21 sniper rifle (actually an accurised M-14) and a pair of military-issue binoculars. The rest of his uniform and equipment is standard IDF issue. He carries his helmet hanging on the left side of his fighting order.
‘Riding Shotgun’ on this sniper is his ‘Spotter / Bodyguard’ who also has a set of binoculars and again, a short-barreled ‘GALIL’ assault rifle.

Special Note: All of these Israeli soldiers are wearing military-issue ‘knee pads’ which are doubly welcome in the hard and stoney landscape of the Golan Heights or southern Lebanon.